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Christian Lange

Founder and editor of the Access Cannes website. He is a Belgian artist and photographer. He regularly exhibits his works in Paris, St Barth or Cannes.....

After several years spent in Saint-Barth, he returned to Cannes. He was a press agent for prestigious tour operators, among others. He has a long professional experience in the world of luxury hotels.

He also conceives all the graphics and design for Access Cannes.

He has also been a member of WIPO since 1999


Angela Potenza

Coordinator of the Access Cannes website. She is a young woman with a passion for human resources. She was born in the North of France. As a child, she spent most of her holidays on the azure coast: a region she fell in love with.

At the age of 26, she decided to settle permanently in Cannes. She quickly found her bearings, established professional relationships and was at the head of a human resources position in a human resources service agency recognized throughout the Mediterranean.

Today, she collaborates on the site by bringing an editorial and also commercial touch.


We work with regular editors, holders of international press cards, who guarantee the quality and objectivity of the information developed by this team. When we do the "digest", we carefully select the media from which we relay the texts. They then only hire their original authors.

Access Cannes Team
SEO Manager

The Access Team is the team that regularly encodes, verifies and tests all the data on our site. She takes great care to ensure that you find good addresses and contact information in all categories of your Access Cannes searches.